The PEI Data Coordinator & Analyst will work remotely with the Manager of Innovation and Evaluation and the PEI Director of Innovation and Evaluation to manage our database system and process, coordinate data collection, analyze data, and distribute data to support continuous quality improvement, reporting and evaluation. The PEI Data Coordinator & Analyst  will also disseminate data analysis findings to foster a culture of learning and innovation within PEI.

In line with our values, the ideal team members will have a passion and commitment for equity and social justice, a strong Pro-Black, Pro-Brown, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Healing, Education for Liberation mindset, and a deep interest in using data, evaluation and management for learning and innovation.

Job post available here:

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About Palenque LSNA

Palenque LSNA is a catalyst for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Immigrant communities and allies to take care of one another and take strategic action for systemic change and a just, resilient, and joyful future.