North Carolinians Against Gun Violence
Grassroots Organizer Job Description
North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV) is a statewide non-profit organization
committed to preventing all forms of gun violence in NC. NCGV has been working for nearly 30
years to reduce the number of incidents of gun-related deaths in our state each year. NCGV’s
mission is to make North Carolina safe from gun violence through public education on gun
violence prevention, the enforcement of current gun laws, and the enactment of new legislation.
Position Overview
We are looking for an individual with a strong track record in community organizing to engage
more people in key areas of NC into taking action to prevent gun violence. This will be
accomplished by building our base of supporters and volunteers, developing leaders, and
helping people share their stories and demand action from elected officials, with a special focus
on key legislative districts.
The position will be 40 hours per week, and will include some work on evenings and weekends,
as well as occasional travel in North Carolina.
● Conduct outreach and build relationships with new and existing supporters on our issues
in key districts and in areas impacted by gun violence, moving them up a ladder of
engagement, and deepening their leadership.
● Follow up with supporters and create a plan and timeline for those that want to volunteer,
with a goal to increase the number of active volunteers.
● Craft engaging social media posts, cultivate community within Facebook groups, and
explore using social media platforms and features (FB messenger, Instagram, etc) for
organizing. Develop creative content about gun violence prevention-related issues and
current events to educate our network about the issues and prepare them to take action.
● Build community among teams of our supporters. Organize, develop, and train teams
throughout the state based on key areas or projects to:
○ Write letters to the editor and/or op-eds at key times to educate the public about
GVP legislation.
○ Engage their own networks, sharing information, and bringing potential
supporters into off-line and online actions and events.
○ Train and lead a team of social media volunteers to create innovative and
engaging posts, reels, and other content for our social media platforms.
○ Be involved in other important activities, such as welcome calls, phone/text
banking at key moments, tabling at local events.
● Write action alerts to spur phone calls and emails to elected officials.
● Help volunteers share their stories through videos, images, writing, press interviews,
storytelling trainings, etc.
● Perform other duties as required to support the work of the organization as a whole.
Qualifications and skills
● 5 years of community organizing (online and offline), community engagement, leadership
development and volunteer training
● Deep commitment to social justice and gun violence prevention
● Resident of North Carolina
● Valid driver’s license and driving record in good standing
● Proficiency with using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Zoom, and other digital tools.
● Proficiency with Word, Google Suite and quick learner of CRM database systems
● Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to manage time and meet
● Strong verbal and written English communication skills
● Innovative, creative approach to organizing and problem solving
● Willingness to work nights and weekends, and travel to different parts of the state as
$45,000 plus paid holiday, sick, and vacation leave. This is a 1-year contract position; we are
actively fundraising to extend the length of the position.
People of color, LGBTQ+, women, and those from marginalized communities are
encouraged to apply.
To apply, send a cover letter and resume to ncgv@ncgv.org.