In this role, you’ll be an integral leader of HNC’s Boot Camp team. The purpose of Boot Camp is to provide results-focused leadership and capacity-building training and coaching for social impact leaders. (In short: you’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible non-profit EDs in Colorado – and beyond! – to deepen their impact.)

The Director will support leaders and organizations throughout all areas of programming – this will include: recruitment, selections, onboarding, training, logistics, and evaluation. In particular, they will be able to use their lived experience as an organization leader to provide content expertise and coaching to Boot Camp leaders who need support from someone who has, in a sense, been where they’ve been.

This person must be organized, conscientious, a skilled problem-solver, and enjoy getting to know leaders to understand their individual needs. This position is a great fit for someone who loves working with people just as much as they love the operational & logistical side of programming and is driven by a sense of purpose to create a more equitable society.

Read the full position description here.

About The HadaNõu Collective

We believe that empowered community leaders are the most effective and profound force for reshaping our country into a more just, equitable, and humane society.

In our work towards this vision, we have explored many different approaches including creating new programs and organizations, supporting existing innovations, joining collaborations with other organizations, and even helping to launch a community high school. Whatever we do, we do with communities—not for them.

Through all of our experience, we’ve come to realize that the unique value that HNC can contribute is the infrastructure, systems, and practices we’ve built that have allowed us to pull off so many different forms of collaborative impact-making.

We know how vague and nauseatingly buzz-wordy this sounds. It’s easiest to concretely grasp what HNC does through understanding our 4 programs. After the quick programs overview below, you’ll find a mini description of each program and a link to a page that will give you a deeper look at that program.