Prince Dance Company is a theatrical contemporary dance company that has been operating on the island of Hawaii for fifteen years.

PDC’s mission is to enrich the lives of the people of Hawaii by creating thought-provoking theatrical dance works that challenge and inspire its audiences, and by ensuring all keiki/youth who want to learn and perform in the performing arts have the opportunity.

We now seek an experienced and visionary leader to guide the company into becoming a statewide organization that brings professional-level dance education and performances to schools and stages across the islands.

The Executive Director is the administrative and community outreach leader of Prince Dance Company. This position works closely with the Board Chair, Artistic Director, organization partners, and donors to achieve the company’s artistic and organizational goals.

The role requires a combination of leadership, strategic thinking, financial acumen, creativity, ingenuity, and a deep passion for the arts.


Allocation of time and responsibilities:

Organizational Leadership & Strategy (25%)

Lead the organization’s vision, strategy, people, and growth while nurturing a culture rooted in our core values.


External Relations (15%)

Serve as an inspiring external storyteller who advances Prince Dance Company’s visibility, credibility, revenue generation, and overall impact.


Fundraising (25%)

Oversee financial growth and long-term financial sustainability and serve as a passionate advocate for philanthropic investments in Prince Dance Company.


Board Governance (10%)

Work with our Board of Directors to nurture a culture of meaningful contributions of work, wealth, and wisdom.


Program Oversight and Development (25%)

Manage Prince Dance Company’s three programs (ENGAGE, PERFORM, and INSPIRE) to meet their financial and programmatic goals.

Specific responsibilities:

Strategic Planning: Develop and implement the organization’s strategic plan in collaboration with the board of directors.

Financial Management: Ensure the financial health and growth of Prince Dance Company by overseeing the budgeting process and financial planning.  Work with the company’s accountant to manage the Company’s financial transactions. Increase revenue by planning fundraising activities, writing grants, and building relationships with and requesting donations from donors and sponsors.’.

Staff Management: Supervise and lead all the administrative staff, independent contractors, and volunteer staff ensuring effective communication, team collaboration, on-going training, and a positive working environment. Manage committee work: fundraising, scholarship, and sponsorship committees. Current staffing includes Artistic Director and Marketing Manager, contractors including dancers, producers, and accounting.

Board Relations: Work closely with the board of directors, providing regular updates, scheduling, and assisting the board chair in running five board meetings per year, collaborating on decision-making processes, and maximizing board member involvement in giving and fund and friend-raising.

Community Engagement: Collaborate with the Artistic Director to serve as a liaison for the dance company within the community, cultivating strategic partnerships with local organizations, government entities, and stakeholders to enhance opportunities, relationships, and visibility. Regularly compose and distribute quarterly updates tailored to the PDC audience, including community members, donors, sponsors, local businesses, and government officials, to provide comprehensive insights into the company’s initiatives and foster active participation and support.

Marketing and Public Relations:  Coordinate with and support the Marketing Director to maximize participation and support for PDC programs.

Contract Negotiation: Handle negotiations with artists, contractors, and vendors. Ensure compliance with contracts and agreements.

Program Director: Manage Prince Dance Company’s three programs:

Engage Program, bringing performing arts into the schools. Coordinate with 10-15 schools on the Big Island to schedule our Performance Program and 5 schools for the Artists in the Schools. Write grants to the state to fund these programs and write an end-of-year grant report. Build funding, programming and with the Artistic Director grow internal capacity to triple the number of schools within 3 years.
Perform Program, producing the dance performances for Prince Dance Institute (PDI(: Coordinate with the director of PDI to ensure the successful production of two yearly shows.
Inspire Program, creating new dance productions with the Artistic Director and dancers. Support the Artistic Director in securing funding to create a new show for the company every 2 years.

5+ years of experience in a senior leadership role with a nonprofit organization.
3+ years of experience managing fundraising programs and activities.
Proven track record overseeing budgetary plans and financial reports, including P&L statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
People-centric approach to managing staff, contractors, and partner organizations.
Entrepreneurial mindset, with an innovative approach to planning and execution.
Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
Bachelor’s degree
Compensation & Start Date

This is a full-time position, performed mostly during a standard 40-hour work week. Weekend and evening work will be required a few times per year to support performances and fund-raising activities.

Prince Dance Company offers competitive compensation commensurate with organizations of similar size and scope of activities in Hawaii.

Full-time position
$80,000- $85,000 salary
Medical insurance
Paid vacations and time off
Flexible schedule
Work from the comfort of your home

The target date to fill the position is April 20.

Apply For The Position

Show us why you are our ideal candidate by completing the application by March 20.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply and will receive an acknowledgment of their application. If you have any questions, please email info@princedance.org. No phone calls please.


About Prince Dance Company

Our mission is to enrich the lives of the people of Hawaii by creating thought-provoking theatrical dance works which challenge and inspire audiences, and by ensuring all keiki (youth) who want to learn and perform in the performing arts have the opportunity.