About California Law Revision Commission

The California Law Revision Commission is a state agency headed by a 10-member public body, consisting of seven gubernatorial appointees, a member of the Assembly, a Senator, and the Legislative Counsel. The Commission studies problems in California law, as authorized by the Legislature, and recommends statutory reforms to address them. Since its formation in 1953, over 90% of its recommendations have been enacted into law, affecting more than 25,000 code sections.

The Commission also administers a second multimember law reform body, the Committee on Revision of the Penal Code (comprised of five gubernatorial appointees, an Assembly Member, and a Senator). It was formed in 2020 to make recommendations for criminal justice reform. In 2020–2022, the Committee made 34 recommendations to the Legislature. Twelve have been fully or partially enacted into law and another six have been introduced as bills in 2023.