About Children First Fund

The Children First Fund: The Chicago Public Schools Foundation (CFF) is a philanthropic organization in exclusive support of Chicago Public Schools (CPS). CPS is the nation’s fourth largest school district with over 322,000 students served by approximately 51,000 teachers and staff. CFF is the strategic fundraising partner for CPS, and its mission is to promote the growth and success of Chicago Public Schools, educators, students, and classrooms through philanthropy and partnerships.

Every student and every classroom deserves to pursue greatness with foundational wellness and academic resources. CFF raises funds where there are funding gaps in CPS and there is a great need for additional aid to ensure all students - no matter their zip code - receive support in academics, physical and social-emotional health, violence prevention, college and career success, and more. CFF also works to provide support that extends beyond the classroom, particularly by supporting families and communities facing adverse circumstances, and promoting safe, supportive, and equitable learning environments.