Senior Performance Engineer - Amazon Redshift

The Amazon Redshift team is looking for you – a Senior Performance Engineer with expertise and passion for driving the Redshift software forward to maximize both efficiency and scalability for the most critical customer workload scenarios. If you love performance and want to instrument, measure, analyze and drive further significant improvements into a modern cloud-native distributed database engine. – we have just the right role for you!

Joining the Amazon Redshift Performance Engineering team gives you the opportunity to:
· Participate in rapid evolution of Redshift, using an agile performance engineering methodology
· Apply the latest tools, techniques and research insights to drive improvements into a world-class managed cloud database
· Work on a disruptive product that’s already generating substantial revenue but also growing rapidly
· Solve challenging problems that will revolutionize continue to further revolutionize database computing in the cloud.
· Build a product that will leverage the scale of unlimited resources available in the cloud.

In this role, you will:
· Apply the principles of continuous performance management to Redshift and Redshift Spectrum by designing, implementing, automating, executing, analyzing and then then driving and implementing improvements into Redshift in a continuous integration environment.
· Own the performance design. implementation, and execution of agile performance engineering testing, working closely with developers during each sprint.
· Translate a deep understanding of functional and technical requirements being worked by developers into an enhanced automated performance measurement and evaluation framework to support continuous performance management.
· Actively participate in code and design reviews to maintain exceptional quality and deepen your understanding of the system architecture and implementation
· Have responsibility for ensuring that overall system performance, efficiency, and scalability objectives are met
· Work closely and effectively both with others in the Berlin development team as well as with other global teams to deliver and operate large scale, distributed data warehousing services in the cloud.
· Mentor more junior performance engineers, communicating our technical culture of excellence, and building a world-class performance engineering team.

Basic Qualifications

· · Bachelors in Computer Science or Engineering, or equivalent experience.
· · Very good knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
· 8+ years of experience working on large scale systems written in C/C++.
· 5+ years of performance engineering experience.
· Ability to define and drive performance engineering tasks to completion and take ownership of performance epics during a set of sprints.
· Ability to work in a fast paced and agile development environment.
· Experience in designing, implementing, executing and analyzing automated performance tests for complex, production system software.
· Excellent written and oral communication, sharp analytical abilities, and proven performance analysis skills.

Preferred Qualifications

· Masters or PhD in Computer Science.
· Experience in working on and contributing to open source projects.
· Experience with large-scale parallel data warehousing systems.
· Experience with database systems internals, query optimization, understanding and tuning query access plans, and query execution instrumentation.
· Very good understanding of parallel system performance, efficiency and scalability measurement and analysis.
· Experience in characterizing, debugging and correcting performance issues in large scale distributed systems.
· Experienced in debugging and prototyping enhancements to low-level concurrency and synchronization primitives for scalable multi-threaded programs.
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