Django/Python/Product Design Developer

NVISNx is releasing V1 of our Data Governance tool, and needs more hands on deck.

We are looking for a developer to help with planning, design, coding, and management of other development resources.

Our company has created a tool built on the architecture below which has already been well received, but we have a lot of features which will take it much further.

You would be working with a team primarily in the US with some offshore development resources.


We’re looking for someone who can meet as many of the skills/experience-sets below as possible. They are listed in order of importance to us.

  1. Requirements Gathering
  2. Product Design Experience
  3. QA and Debugging Experience
  4. UX/UI Design Experience
  5. Python 3
  6. Django
  7. Some experience with managing team-members/delegating tasks
  8. Data Visualization in web interfaces
  9. Elasticsearch
  10. MongoDB
  11. Linux (CentOS 7+) Familiarity
  12. Experience working with 3rd Party APIs/SDKs for data gathering
  13. Experience with big data system design, data processing/munging, and architecture
  14. Experience with Jira / Confluence
All candidates must be:
  • Able to work as a member of a remote team. NVISNx has team members all across the US, and we rely on strong communication and organization skills of each person to function effectively.
  • Self starting. We don’t have a heavy hierarchy, so team members must be able to keep themselves tasked, and working towards our collective goals.
  • Able to work as needed on a PST schedule to ensure most overlap of time to work and collaborate.
  • Able to show that they are authorized to work in the United States.
System architecture
  • Front-End = Angular, D3js
  • Back-End = Django
  • Settings/Conf = MongoDB
  • Connectors = Python + Redis + Tika
  • Data Collection Storage = Elasticsearch