Full Stack Engineer

About Triplebyte

Triplebyte is transforming the way software engineers are hired. Our mission is to build an open, valuable and skills-based credential for all engineers. This is important because millions of people have skills (and deserve good jobs), but don’t fit the profile that recruiters seek. Another way of saying this is that talent is uniformly distributed, but opportunity is not. Our goal is to broaden the distribution of opportunity.

To do this, we have built a background-blind technical assessment and interview process, and we use it to find engineers and help them get jobs at 450+ top companies. Our rich understanding of candidates’ skills and propriety machine learning models enable us to find the right match between our candidates and partner companies. This is why companies like Apple, Dropbox and American Express trust Triplebyte’s technical assessment to identify the best engineers for their open roles and reduce the time and effort it takes to hire them.

We just raised a $35 million Series B and our team of 65 is growing quickly! Now is a great time to join as we’re on an exciting growth trajectory. You will have lots of opportunities for taking on responsibility and developing new skills quickly.

We’re an experienced team, the founders have each built and sold companies before. Ammon and Guillaume founded Socialcam (acquired by Autodesk for $60 million) and Harj was the first partner hired at Y Combinator since its founding.

We are rapidly growing our engineering team, we are looking for generalist, full-stack, frontend, backend, machine learning, and dev-ops engineers!

Building the best product

The Triplebyte engineering team is still rather small, only 8 people. We all went through the Triplebyte process 🙂 We move fast, release new features daily and iterate quickly. Triplebyte is growing very quickly and the engineering team is fully dedicated to supporting that growth, in any way we can. We are a generalist engineering team, we work on anything that helps the company or other teams grow. We cycle through backend, full-stack and frontend work based on the most critical needs. All of us are encouraged to work on all those parts.

Our frontend is mostly in React/Redux. Our backend is in Ruby on Rails, Postgres and Redis. (We also use python with Tensorflow for all our data science work)

It doesn’t seem like it, but we have built a LOT of software. We are a truly full-stack company and we are building a process that needs to be perfect ends to ends. We have software for engineers, for interviewers, for writers, for companies, for us, etc.. If that’s any indication of scale, we crossed recently the 200 tables in our Postgres database 🙂

Join us and help us build the best product! We value initiative, productivity, and ownership.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive salary and stock options package
  • Open vacation policy
  • Employer paid health, vision and dental insurance
  • 401(k) plan with matching
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits
  • Daily catered lunches

Our Mission

We believe strongly in building a truly meritocratic, unbiased process for finding great talent. Even the best technology companies today still use where people went to college as a proxy for intelligence and ability. We’re building a process that looks only at ability, not credentials, so we can have a future where everyone can focus on just learning and being good at what they do, not how they look on paper.

Every aspect of running a company has been improved over the last decade, except hiring. Most decisions are still made using amorphous terms like “gut feel” or “culture fit”. They should be made using crisp data. Only a company specializing on this problem, using data collected from the hiring process at hundreds of companies, can solve it. That’s the company we’re building. Our mission is creating a scientific method for identifying great talent and intelligently routing it to the best place. Starting with software engineers.

The Company is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions on the basis of merit and business needs. The Company does not discriminate against employees or applicants (in any aspect of employment, including, but not limited to recruiting and hiring, job assignment, compensation, opportunities for advancement, promotion, transfers, evaluation, benefits, training, discipline, and termination), on the basis of any characteristic protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws.