Full Time Position Leading Implementation, exact Title TBD

About ASO Communications

ASO Communications crafts effective messaging for progressive candidates, campaigns and causes. Applying tools from cognition and linguistics and then rigorously testing our analytic conclusions, we catalog and uncover patterns in language in order to understand why certain messages resonate where others falter. Beyond research, we conduct trainings on narrative, framing and messaging best practices around the world; generate creative campaigns that include video, radio, events, social media and earned media; and provide rapid response support and assistance to organizations, campaigns and leaders. We consult across the range of progressive issues from climate change to immigrant rights and from racial justice to economic equality – and work on a variety of messaging projects from winning state and national elections to corporate campaigns to legislative pushes. While our focus is primarily the U.S., we have completed work or have ongoing collaborations in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Latin America and the European Union. We enable progressive organizations and leaders to not merely understand public opinion but, through the right mix of wording choices, strategies and tactics, to build public will for rewriting the rules to deliver a more just, free, and prosperous future.

Since we tend to do everything our own way, hiring is no different. And so, what follows is a bit more choose your own adventure than traditional job description.

About the position

This new position can take a variety of forms, depending on the mix of existing skills, relationships and interests the person filling it brings. In any configuration, this person will work closely with the Principal of ASO, with a particular focus on ensuring effective implementation with existing and new clients. We’re looking for another member of our team who wants to apply their way with words and passion for seeing empirically-vetted results come off the page and into the world. This role is for someone who has deep knowledge of different movement spaces and actors, an unwavering commitment to progressive values, and a steadfast desire to see what we develop directly applied by our progressive partners to win more and bigger victories. Mastery of Spanish, written and oral, is a huge bonus but not a requirement.

Elements of scope of work

1. Implementation with Clients and Partners

Drive plans for clients and partners to roll out, apply, and most effectively spread messaging created. Design and lead execution of these plans, making sound choices about which organizations are best positioned to model and distribute content, pitching opportunities for clients to use messaging in their organizing and campaigns, and leverage your own and/or ASO connections to engage these institutions.

2. Strategic Guidance and Direct Messaging Support for Clients

Provide technical assistance on everything from how to best structure a research approach to most effective framing for an issue to rapid rewrites of messaging for speeches, press releases, social media posts, canvass scripts, and digital ad copy. With greater experience, provide direct guidance to current clients and in frequent one-time consults for allies.

3. Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Participate in research processes led by other members of the ASO team and support coordination and communication with clients about projects. With greater experience and/or previous academic or on-the-job training, help design questions and narratives for testing and analyze results. Assist in drafting recommendations, helping determine the most digestible and compelling ways to share “actionable” intelligence, and delivering messaging guidance through presentations, briefings, and shareable materials.

4. Design and Produce Creative Campaign Elements

From high level branding to one-off digital ads and from voter engagement scripts to social media memes, ensure seamless production of creative content by coordinating, collaborating with, and possibly managing graphic designers, filmmakers, web developers, and other consultants to maintain fidelity to core narrative and precise messaging directives. With greater experience, generate creative content ideas and strategy to promote use, replication and spread.

Essential Qualifications

● Action oriented strategist | Thinks always about how to get folks out doing things – whether online or real world – in order to always be persuading and mobilizing toward concrete electoral, legislative, policy or organizational wins

● Trusted, trustworthy and respected relationship builder | Able to form and maintain relationships across a diverse array of progressive players from party insiders to grassroots activists within the US and, ideally, internationally as well.

● Rapid and creative writer | Strong command of grammar with attention to nuances of English as written and spoken within and outside of the U.S.. Interest in and facility with rhetoric whether via command of conceptual metaphor and semantic framing or extensive experience writing compelling prose tailored to appropriate media.

● Expertise in messaging development and/or campaigning, organizing, and politics | Able to easily engage or skill up in the craft of effective messaging for mobilization and persuasion and knowledge and ability to shape how they can best serve a range of partner strategies.

● Sound judgment | Able to rapidly assess complex interpersonal dynamics and understand needs and concerns among a wide array of partners of different backgrounds, operating in diverse political contexts from passing state-level policy to running a national electoral campaign.

● Meticulous attention to detail | Show impeccable consideration in and follow through on your work with a demonstrated ability to manage time wisely in order to handle a variety of projects simultaneously, clearly articulate your questions and needs, and provide feedback or reminders to others, including the Principal.

● Proactive | Willingness to anticipate potential challenges, seek out new opportunities, and pitch and follow through on ideas; this is a brand new role that will be shaped by the person who fills it.

● Flexible | Openness to constantly adapt in response to a quick-shifting political environment in an organization responsible for an array of deliverables for a range of stakeholders.

● Eager to learn | Curious about applied social science, empirical testing and communications; interested in many issue areas and means of contributing to the progressive ecosystem.

● Multi-lingual | Mastery of written and spoken Spanish is hugely beneficial but not required; mastery of Portuguese, French, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, German and/or additional languages may also prove useful.


Candidates in CA, NY, and PA are preferred but this is not required as the position is remote with opportunities for domestic and international travel as well.

Compensation and Benefits

This is a full-time position. Compensation will range, based on previous experience and skill set as follows below, with generous and competitive benefits at every level, including fully covered health insurance:

● Mid-level – $80,000-$95,000
● Senior-level – $95,000-$115,000

To Apply

We’re on an ambitious timeline to fill this role. Please submit your resume and cover letter under the subject line “New Position” to anthony@asocommunications.com. In your cover letter, please describe what interests you about the job, your ideal mix from the possible scope of work, how your background suits you for this role, list three references, and indicate how you heard about the position. This position will remain open until filled.

ASO Communications seeks to hire staff who reflect the diversity of the organizations, leaders and causes we serve. ASO Communications is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

To apply for this job email your details to anthony@asocommunications.com