The Central Square Business Improvement District (BID) is a 501c3 community organization that creates opportunities for local residents, artists, and businesses to benefit from the richness of Central Square, Cambridge’s Cultural District. We are hiring a Director of Marketing and Communications professional to oversee digital communications, district campaigns, event promotion, and contractors supporting our creative work.

This person values in-the-community work and must have experience connecting an organization’s priorities and programming through storytelling across a variety of mediums. Ideally, this person is comfortable working independently and as a contributing team member, and has ties to or currently lives in the Central Square area.

The Marketing and Communications job has two primary functions: one, to support the BID’s programming (Starlight Square, marquee events, Annual Meeting, and future initiatives) through promotion and partnership; and two, to share them with the world through creative communication. Part of the BID’s magic is bringing in local resources when we need them to make our work even better. The Marketing Lead will be the point of contact for these people, including artists, photographers, freelance PR, grant writers, and design professionals, ensuring all work is delivered on time and on budget. This role will work closely with the Executive Director to build budgets and timelines, as well as with BID staff to coordinate programming with promotion.

Please see a list of responsibilities below, all of which you will be briefed on by the BID team upon


Roles and Responsibilities

● Oversee and maintain all BID digital platforms, including the CSQ website and MailChimp

○ Write, compile + send monthly e-newsletter

■ Manage e-newsletter audience

○ Write quarterly blog post

○ Update website with new blog posts, businesses, etc.

○ Support social media management

● Manage and produce all printed materials for all departments + initiatives

○ Manage budgets for and communication with approved freelance contractors

○ Organize expenses for all creative projects

● Strategize and produce CSBID Annual Meeting with support from Programming Director

● Organize Annual District Survey

● Support all team members with ideation + communications

○ Respond to inbound CSBID inquiries

● Support Executive Director with Board Meeting preparation, internal events/celebrations,


● Implement and grow CSBID’s strong brand identity and brand messaging through digital

and physical assets

● Produce digital and print marketing materials and communications that demonstrate

strong, consistent design and voice

● Develop and implement strategy for targeted campaigns, including those related to

marketing, advertising, promotions, events and other initiatives

● Gauge the impact of various initiatives and provide periodic reporting to the Executive


● Assist the Director of Events with the conception and development of, and communications

for, BID-produced events

● Monitor communications mentioning and affecting the CSBID across all platforms

● Monitor and respond to incoming email communications directed to CSBID’s general inquiry


● Respond to CSBID member requests for marketing assistance that engage CSBID digital


● Write press releases and serve as the CSBID media contact

This is a full-time (40 hours per week), salaried position with benefits based out of the BID’s office

in Central Square, Cambridge. Compensation commensurate with experience