You probably haven’t run into a company like Olark before. We were pioneers in the chat space 12 years ago: the first to make chat accessible to small businesses who didn’t have big budgets or engineering teams. Since then, we have been a full-time remote, bootstrapped, profitable company, working to help our customers help theirs. We lead with our values, care deeply about our people, and are committed to making business more human.

The world is changing, and buyers communicate using more apps, on more devices, than ever before. Tooling hasn’t caught up. This creates a massive opportunity.

You’ll be joining us in startup mode as we launch the next version of Olark. We’re looking for a performance and data-driven marketing lead who can dig into the metrics, test quickly, and help our Marketing, Product, and Engineering teams get the word out about the new Olark and align on new ways to serve and grow our customer base.

As a fully remote company, this position can be based anywhere within the United States or Canada.

Your Primary Responsibilities:

  • Take ownership of demand-gen and improve long and short term outcomes for the business:
    Collaborate across teams  to improve specific metrics (e.g. CAC, Average ACV, Net-Dollar-Retention, Conversion Rate)
    Execute campaigns to promote our product in the market and generate leads
    Validate and scale go-to-market tactics
    Ensure customer base remains actively engaged with our product
  • Independently implement marketing tactics to improve outcomes:
    Test hypotheses with well-designed experiments to inform data-driven decisions across growth and product teams
    Partner with design, product marketing, and external contractors to launch those experiments and draw scientific conclusions to grow our business
  • Advocate for the customer, always:
    Champion their needs and wins to our product and engineering teams
    Help our teams find a higher-budget SaaS customer at the right stage in their buying process
    Share insights to the entire team:
    Share what worked, what failed, and the whys behind each.


What We Expect Of You:  

  • At least 2+ years of experience within demand generation marketing. You don’t need to know it all, but you’re comfortable within the space and have some expertise.
  • Balance today with “what’s next:” you know how to plan out priorities on a weekly and quarterly basis. We work in quarters and plan sprints to meet our goals.
  • Bring expertise in SaaS marketing and/or subscription services: you understand market-product-channel-model fit.  You understand the nuances of CAC, ACV, LTV, and can explain how they are calculated, and when we should focus on or ignore them according to our strategy.  You are an expert in at least one marketing channel (ideally performance), and want to expand to others.
  • Inspire creative growth marketing solutions and provide feedback: you inspire Olarkers to think bigger, smarter, and more creatively about growth tactics and execution. You also have a talent for delivering clear, candid feedback.
  • Take pride: you have high expectations of yourself and your co-workers and take pride in the quality and consistency of your work. You communicate well around timelines and resources.
  • Enjoy taking calculated risks: you can find the wins even in projects and experiments that don’t come to fruition. You balance risk with opportunity, and help your teammates understand the upside behind your decisions.
  • A focus on execution: you enjoy being an individual contributor and working on projects with autonomy.
  • Enjoy collaborating across teams: We are a full-time remote team; it’s important that you can engage and work with teammates through screens and across time zones. This requires that you communicate goals, tactics, outcomes, and feedback in writing and through async channels.
  • Contribute to Olark’s remote and inclusive culture: Without an office to hang out in, Olark’s culture is driven by our day-to-day interactions (though we have resources to hang out IRL as needed). We expect Olarkers to treat each other and our partners with respect and kindness and help us foster an inclusive work environment for all.

What are some things you might help us do on Day 1?

  • We have 100s of higher ed institutions using Olark.  You might help us design and execute a campaign to help us expand our reach within university systems. This may include capturing testimonial videos and case studies, and distributing them on social media to create more leads for our sales team.
  • We are launching a few new exciting products. You might create landing pages to validate channels and messaging, and work with contractors to run a smoke test. You might help us design and test a tool to help potential customers realize that they have the problems we can  help them solve. You may evaluate channels we haven’t tried to reach the market segments we target.
  • We have over 50,000 users who subscribe to our emails.  You might dig into our email performance data to help us improve the content and delivery of our emails and ultimately connect them to business outcomes.
  • 100s of new accounts sign up for Olark a week. You might create a series of email sequences to see if segmentation improves the % of signups who install Olark on their websites.
  • Seek efficiencies and precision in our paid channels. You might get your hands dirty to make sure our analytics systems are talking to each other and managing attribution data fairly across tools and campaigns.
  • We talk to customers a lot. While not a primary responsibility of this role, we’re doing a log of research these days. You might be called on to pinch-hit in recruiting, interviewing, and analyzing research calls with members of BrainTrust, our customer advisory board. You will for sure be called on to dig into our numbers to make sure our qualitative findings also bear out in the data.

What our Marketing team looks like today:

  • Head of Marketing: Your role would report to the Head of Marketing, who has experience in growing startups and reports directly to the CEO. Our Head of Marketing has a background in strategy and research, and has been specializing within the team on Product Marketing.
  • Design: We have a full-time, full-stack designer who produces beautiful emails, landing pages, and print assets. They’ve recently overhauled Olark’s visual branding and enjoy bringing a 90s, Lisa-Frank-all-grown-up vibe to Olark.
  • BD / Partnerships: They work with our partnership program, strengthening our ties to large institutions, especially within higher education. They also work with customers on case studies to fuel our content development.
  • Agency: We are currently working with a performance agency.
  • Copywriting:  We work closely with a writer who develops our long-form content and is an essential part of the team. They also edit our customer-facing messaging and assist with email and landing page copy.
  • Success & Sales: Our Sales & Success team report to a different manager, but we work closely with them on projects to help Sales close enterprise-level accounts and help CX retain them.

You Can Expect A Lot From Us

You can  read about our team culture at olark.com/jobs, and our values at olark.com/values. As a member of our team you can expect:

  • A great culture and team: ask Olarkers what they love about our company, and you’ll usually hear “my teammates.” We strive to provide an open, inclusive, flexible remote work culture.
  • A life outside of work: we take collective breaks to make room for life and the distance from work required to think creatively. Work is a marathon, not a sprint.  We are building a company for the long haul.
  • Great compensation and benefits: competitive pay, Internet stipend, health benefits,  annual vacation bonus, parental leave, 401k matching, and donation matching.
  • Control over your work environment: we were fully-remote before COVID-19 shut down offices, and we’ll be fully-remote after. Enjoy the flexibility of working from home and rest easy knowing that you won’t be called back to an office and a commute that is incompatible with the way you live now.

Olark is committed to diversity in its workforce. Olark is an equal employment opportunity employer and considers qualified applicants without regard to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, race, veteran or disability status.