ILGA World is seeking a consultant (or a team of consultants) to conduct qualitative research assessing the impact of the digital divide on LGBTI people’s access to information communication technology (ICT), and on how this reflects on their capacity to advocate the rights of the communities they serve.

ILGA World is commissioning research to understand better the complexities of the digital divide and its impact on LGBTI people across regional and national contexts, with a particular focus on rural and unconnected communities.

The consultant is expected to produce

  • a complete research report based on a comprehensive qualitative, participatory investigation exploring
  • the impacts of the digital divide on LGBTI communities (including their access to ICT) in specific regional and national contexts
  • case studies and good practices that already exist on how to decrease or bridge the divide for organisations and groups within the LGBTI movement
  • a short, fit-for-print summary of the report mentioned above with key findings and recommendations

The project will start in June 2023 and conclude in December 2023.

Expected timeframe:

May 2023: confirmation of selected bidder(s)

June – early December 2023: literature review, collection of case studies, participation in ILGA regional conferences, development of the research report and the summary.

  • June 2023: literature review
  • July – mid-September 2023: drafting of the report
  • until mid-October 2023: revision of the report
  • early November 2023: final delivery of the report, and drafting of the summary

December 2023: publication of the research report and the summary

Follow this link to read more about the organisation, the objective and scope of the consultancy, and more.