We are looking for a remote, full-time engineering lead to manage a shiny new Rails 7 production app and its team. The app (https://erosplatform.com) is an education and community platform whose purpose is cultivating human flourishing and the true expression of self. Its key features are courses, live events, written and video content, forums and other community features, and yes an AI chatbot.
We’re looking for someone to play three key roles:
  • Lead engineer – work with our product team, write code and tickets
  • Dev team manager – manage the dev lifecycle for 1-2 add’l devs
  • Production ops – manage the production app
This app is an awesome, new, clean Rails monolith, built by our CTO, a 17 year Rails veteran. We are big old-school Rails lovers here. We use long-time best practices as well as all the fun new features, e.g. Turbo and Stimulus.
We launched 5 months ago and so we have a healthy combination of bugs, customer-facing features, backend/admin tooling to work on.
You would be taking full ownership of this app, meaning you are the braintrust and bottom line for it, you understand the codebase and are the lead dev, you manage the small dev team, you work with the product team to work out feature details, you write and prioritize tickets, and you oversee the production ops.

We are currently hiring for this position on a full-time contract basis, but are open to discussion.

  • Rails must be your primary, daily development platform, for at least 5 years. This is not for casual Rails developers who mostly work with other tools.
  • You must have built and managed MANY Rails apps yourself, including large-scale or complicated apps
  • You have managed teams before and know how to work as a technical lead that works with the product team
  • You know Tailwind CSS inside and out
  • You know Hotwire / Turbo / Stimulus JS
Technical Requirements:
  • Backend: Postgresql, Elasticsearch, AWS, Sidekiq, Heroku
  • Gems: Devise, Pundit, AASM, many many others
  • Frontend: Tailwind CSS, jQuery, Stimulus, HTML, Turbo
  • Testing: Strong test/spec practice (practical, not exhaustive)
Work Environment:
  • We are a fun group who loves what we do
  • We work hard and we move fast
  • We love a simple, clean, “nothing extra” approach to products and development
  • You would work with our CTO, a 17 year Rails veteran
  • We will hold daily scrum-style meetings
  • Work is remote only
  • Availability over weekends for production support is not required but a bonus