Our Team and Opportunity
The Engineering team is responsible for building, improving, and scaling the platform and technology services that enable the effective matching mentors and mentees, facilitate continued meaningful engagement between them, and provide deep insights into program activity for our partners (customers).

We’re looking for a senior engineer with at least 5-7 years of experience in software and web development. We are programming language agnostic and welcome candidates with different technical skills and backgrounds to apply.

TL;DR this is an exciting opportunity because:

  • The majority of your work will be on new feature development and enabling the team to achieve lofty mentorship-focused outcomes
  • Strong culture of autonomy and accountability
  • Incredible opportunity to directly impact traditionally under-served populations, such as first-generation students or women in STEM
  • As a part of a small Engineering team there are many opportunities for mentorship (both as a mentor or mentee) and to be heavily involved in critical
  • parts of the company that positively affect users
  • Business fundamentals are extremely strong (90% renewal rate, 125% revenue renewal rate, >80% growth in 2021, regular >60 NPS)

Where You Come In
Within 3-6 months, you will be successful at:

  • Building lightweight MVP features, assessing their performance and iterating
  • Understanding how relationships and connections improve student retention, sense of belonging, and future potential
  • High-impact refactoring and software architecture
  • Gaining expertise in the business side of software and SaaS
  • Turning valuable customer and user feedback into better products
  • Guiding and shaping team culture
  • Advocating for best practices by leveraging your experience and bringing your ideas to the team

You’ll play a major role in…

  • Considering what we should build, when, and how by collaborating hand-in-hand with our Product, Design, and Research teams and other stakeholders
  • Improving developer tooling
  • Improving our Ruby/Rails and React codebase
  • Improving performance as we scale up and out
  • Architecting and implementing new features and “bets” in service of achieving measurable outcomes
  • Providing technical thought leadership for a specific technology, capability, or practice
  • Coaching and mentoring peers
  • Improving our engineering processes by giving constructive feedback
  • Building the engineering team as we grow
  • Defining company culture
  • Working across our current stack: Ruby/Rails, Postgres, GraphQL, Javascript/ES6, Typescript, React.js, etc. (it’s fine if you haven’t worked with any of these before)

Remote Working Expectations
Note: We are a remote-only company. We currently welcome any U.S.-based candidates who are interested in working remotely, with an opportunity to meet in person when it is safe to do so at least 1-2x/year sponsored by the company.

  • U.S. work authorization
  • 75% EST working hours overlap
  • Prior full-time remote experience is a plus

A Little About Us

  • It is important to us to build a diverse, honest, inclusive, kind and collaborative team. 75% of current team members started on a non-traditional software engineering path.
  • We value impact over hours worked, favor outcomes over outputs, and strive to create high-quality, high-impact code at a sustainable pace.
  • We see software engineering as a team sport and do our best to strengthen our connections with each other through regular “Lunch and Learns,” pair programming, postmortems, and retrospectives.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and track our team’s progress with this Product Development Team Self-Assessment. https://cutle.fish/blog/product-development-team-self-assessment (Ask us for our latest scores with commentary!)
  • We move quickly when possible but “pump the brakes” regularly so that we have dedicated time to build consensus, responsibly discuss and debate, and provide feedback on how we might solve challenges.

Benefits and Compensation
Benefits include…

  • Health, dental, and vision benefits
  • Remote-first company
  • Company-wide winter break PTO (paid time off)
  • 401k benefits
  • Continued professional budget to be spent at your discretion
  • Stipend for WFH set up and productivity
  • Unlimited PTO with a minimum requirement
  • Flexible work schedule, ability to work remote while traveling, ability to set work from home days/schedule
  • Bi-annual 360 feedback sessions

Annual compensation includes a combination of base salary and equity.

How to Apply
No agencies please. Please send resume and cover letter to eng-careers@mentorcollective.org

You are welcome at Mentor Collective!

We mean it when we say everyone deserves a fair shot at success. Mentor Collective welcomes any and all people, embracing their age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation and expression, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, nationality, culture, religion and perspective. We want to create an inclusive and equitable work environment that reflects the very students and universities we serve.

Interviewing Process
At Mentor Collective, we believe it is important for candidates to learn about our company, team, and mission at the same time we are getting to know you. We invest a lot of resources in the hiring process to try to get the best sense of each candidate and provide ample opportunities to see what life at Mentor Collective might be like. You may have an important decision to make and our goal is to try to ensure you have as much information as possible. Our current interviewing process typically lasts 2-3 weeks and looks like:

  • Initial “get to know you” introductory chat over Zoom (30 minutes)
  • Technical background interview and your questions (30 minutes)
  • Online or take-home coding exercise, where you can select your preferred programming language and use any resources (Google, StackOverflow, websites, etc.) (50 minutes)
  • Final round “Core Values” interview with members of our Product and Engineering teams (60 minutes)
  • Final round “Share” interview where you present an overview of a project you’re proud of, and Q&A with members of our Engineering team (40
  • minutes)
  • Final round “Collaboration” interview where you build and interate on a MVP web application with members of our Engineering team, with the prompt provided in advance and no stack requirement (50 minutes)
  • Final round “Co-founder” interview to learn about the company’s history and trajectory with the hiring manager and a company co-founder (40 minutes)
  • References and Offer!

To apply for this job email your details to eng-careers@mentorcollective.org

About Mentor Collective

Mentor Collective is the leading provider of research-backed mentoring programs. We partner with universities and organizations to design, manage, and assess programs that give everyone access to a relevant near-peer mentor. Learn more about our company and culture here: https://mentorcollective.org/join-mc