Join Oakland Privacy as our second-ever Privacy Rights Fellow, thanks to generous underwriting from the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment.

This is a year long stipended fellowship (approximately November 1, 2022 to October 31, 2023). The fellow will work 10-12 hours a week, and compensation is $12,000, paid in quarterly installments.

This is a unique opportunity to do hands-on implementation of enhanced privacy rights and enact social change beyond research and white papers.

The work would be focused in the following areas:

● Global Privacy Control – Helping to make California’s new consumer privacy laws (CCPA-CPRA) effective and easily used by every Californian. In particular, we want to put pressure on the major web browser companies to provide their users with “one-stop” means of opting out from information gathering by web sites they visit. This campaign would be focused on Alphabet-Google and the Chrome browser. The campaign will include meetings with the companies, open letters and petitions, and potentially some creative technology to assist the advocacy.

● Community Alert System for Northern California – For years, OP has been routinely checking municipal agendas for surveillance-related items for possible intervention. But we can’t be everywhere at once, and with agendas posting only 72 hours before a meeting in dozens of municipalities across the region, a reliable database of community groups to notify would be very beneficial for surveillance activism going forward.

You would work closely with one or more of our experienced volunteers, experts in public records access, advocacy and privacy legislation.

The Privacy Rights Fellowship is appropriate for a graduate level student in law, public policy or technology or an entry-level public policy advocate. Useful skills include research, fluent writing, the ability or at least the willingess to wrangle with dense legislative text, community organizing, and some comfort level with public speaking. It is required that you are proficient with office software and have remote office capabilities. The position can be located anywhere in the United States, but the work will focus on the Northern California, so familiarity with the region is helpful.

Women and BIPOC are strongly encouraged to apply.

Come work with us!

Please send in your fellowship application with answers to the below questions by October 21, 2022.
Please attach your resume or CV.

Send to contact@oaklandprivacy.org OR
by US Mail to Oakland Privacy c/o James Massar 2424 McGee, Berkeley, CA 94703

Take as much space as you need :

– Why are you interested in this position?
– Have you ever submitted a Public Records request or Freedom of Information Act request?
– Have you written code? Have you done any web programming?
– Is there anything you’ve written that’s been published, or blog posts, or similar, that you would like us to take a look at? Provide links.
– Can you commit to 40 hours a month for the period of November 1 2022 to October 31, 2023?


To apply for this job email your details to contact@oaklandprivacy.org

About Oakland Privacy

Oakland Privacy, founded in 2013, is an activist group devoted to fighting against both government and corporate surveillance and in defense of privacy rights and government transparency. We concentrate on state, regional and local matters, while advocating with other like-minded organizations at the national level.