Hi there, we’re Overthrow. Pleased to meet you. We’re a small, independent agency specializing in SEO-led content marketing. We’re looking for a special someone who’s just starting their marketing career and is interested to learn and grow quickly from our in-house experience.

A little about us
Overthrow was born about a year ago and is growing up fast. We have great clients (primarily Y-Combinator founders and their startups) and we have deep knowledge to share with you about SEO, marketing content, and content ops. We’re also quite nice to work with.

A little about you
You’re a recent bachelor-level graduate in marketing or a related field. English is your native language and you control it like a champ. It doesn’t matter where you live. You’re inquisitive, communicative, and enjoy learning by doing. You want to become an experienced marketer well-versed in both the strategic and practical sides of content marketing.

A little about the role
You’ll learn from all aspects of agency life and you’ll have daily interaction with the co-founders and our small team of extremely experienced professionals. Research, outreach, and project management will be your focus to begin with. As you learn and grow in your role, you’ll have the option to move into areas like account management, strategy, and content production.

A little about working remotely
Overthrow is fully remote and we currently work from the UK, US, Australia, and South Korea. Our clients are all based in the US. Timezones can be a juggle, so you may need to take a couple of early or late calls each week. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to manage most of your work asynchronously and you get to choose when you work.

You’ll work full-time as an independent contractor. This is because our business is in the UK and you’re likely to be based somewhere else. You’ll get at least 4 weeks holiday a year plus sick days, and all your local public holidays.

How to apply
Let us know why marketing floats your boat and why you’d like to work for a small, fast-paced agency. We’ll get back to you asap.