At Spotify Advertising R&D, our mission is to build the next generation advertising platform for audio which can scale the freemium experience for hundreds of millions of fans and tens of thousands of advertisers. This scale brings unique challenges as well as tremendous opportunities to define our business.
We are looking for Data Engineers to build and drive data engineering initiatives within our advertising and podcast monetization teams. In this role, you will be instrumental in streamlining data ingested from multiple sources to not only recognize value and insights, but to also set standards along the way. You will help us to create a user-first ad experience that’s personalized and relevant, and develop and own software solutions on our fast-paced podcast and ad services technology. You will help us grow to billions of fans, increase engagement with our listeners, and provide better value to our advertisers. Above all, your work will impact the way the world experiences music and podcasts.

What You’ll Do

  • Work closely with key partners inside and outside of the company to develop best-in-class software
  • Work across the ads business platform, contributing to the improvement of many different pipelines
  • Conceptualize ways to monitor and alert on ad outages
  • Build new distributed data pipelines across ad experience
  • Use best practices in continuous integration and delivery
  • Help drive optimization, testing and tooling to improve reliability and data quality
  • Apply a Data centric approach to all the platforms, pipelines and engineering activities
  • Immerse yourself in Scala/Python engineering for better data visibility and unearth viable channels for improvement
  • Design, develop, and maintain Java services
  • Work in cross-functional agile teams to continuously experiment, iterate and deliver on new product objectives

Who You Are

  • You love Data Engineering.
  • You have a strong understanding of data systems.
  • You are knowledgeable and passionate about improving and building new distributed data pipelines.
  • You are knowledgeable about data modeling, data access, and data storage techniques.
  • You are familiar with current engineering practices such as distributed architecture, and are curious about new technologies that help derive insights and value from data.
  • You have experience working on and building distributed data pipelines that ingest huge amounts of data across multiple sources and brands.
  • You have experience working with Python, Java or Scala.
  • You have experience with GCP (preferred) or AWS.
  • You enjoy close collaboration with backend and web engineers, and are passionate about the software architecture across the stack.
  • Ad Tech experience is a plus.

Where You’ll Be

  • We are a distributed workforce enabling our band members to find a work mode that is best for them!
  • Where in the world? For this role, it can be within the Americas region in which we have a work location.
  • Prefer an office to work from home instead? Not a problem! We have plenty of options for your working preferences.
  • Working hours? We operate within the Eastern Standard time zone for collaboration.