About Us

UpTogether is a national organization of individuals across the country with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities who share a passion for social justice and racial equity. Our mission is to recognize, highlight and invest in the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of people in undervalued communities and partner with government and philanthropy to do the same.

After working with thousands of families since our founding in 2001, at UpTogether, we are certain people don’t live in poverty because they are lazy, uneducated, or mismanage money, as stereotypes would indicate. Instead, the poverty cycle, which disproportionately impacts Black and Latinx communities, can be traced to well-intentioned but inadequate governmental and charitable policies and practices that rely on a traditional top-down approach.

Our pillars include:

  1. Community: We center our work around the strengths and initiatives of people living in undervalued communities and promote the role social networks within these communities play in helping people accomplish their goals and achieve long-term socioeconomic mobility.
  2. Capital: We invest in our members with unrestricted cash in recognition of the initiatives they are taking to improve their lives.
  3. Choice: We trust that people in undervalued communities know what’s best and are capable of making decisions for themselves and their families.

UpTogether reveals and accelerates the initiative people are taking to improve their lives. As a community, a movement, and a platform, we use the power of information—compelling insights and personal success stories—to transform stereotypes, beliefs, practices, and policies. Together with our members, we are championing a community-led movement to boost economic and social mobility in communities that have been undervalued and underinvested in for far too long.

At UpTogether, we work towards these values:

  • Community: We honor the strengths and initiatives of people living in undervalued communities and promote the role social networks within these communities play in helping people accomplish their goals and achieve long-term socioeconomic mobility.
  • Impact: We test and scale strategies for systems adoption of a strength-based approach to accelerate socioeconomic mobility for people living at or below the poverty line in the U.S.
  • Collaboration: We center the lived experiences of families in undervalued communities and engage the knowledge, experience, and perspectives of our board, partners, and staff to build and grow a strength-based approach to end poverty.
  • Racial Equity: We are committed to being an anti-racist organization, and we promote anti-racist policies that eliminate the racial wealth divide.
  • Leadership: We acknowledge that leadership is not based on a title and honor the many forms in which it appears. We celebrate leadership that embodies all of our organizational values, driving us to act against the dominating deficit-based approach to fighting poverty.
  • Choice: We trust that people living at or below the poverty line know what’s best and are capable of making decisions for themselves and their families.

The Position

UpTogether is seeking a full-time data engineer to support the analytics team. This role will have ownership over the data pipeline, including:

  • Building and maintaining the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process, drawing data from our internal data repositories, survey tools, engagement on the platform, external APIs and more
  • Owning the data warehouse itself including system architecture, design, and implementation
  • Developing and maintaining data documentation, and/or implementing auto-documentation, that enables other users to easily navigate our data
  • Designing data models
  • Importing and integrating new data sources based on organizational needs
  • Performing  data cleansing, standardization, and transformation
  • Contributing to data strategy and platform feature development
  • Working closely with Analytics and end users with access to existing data

Extra preferred skills

  • Experience with data visualization and business intelligence tools, a strong plus
  • Ability to perform analysis using R to deliver reports  as needed, a strong plus
  • Knowledge of best practices related to data security

This role reports to the Director of Analytics and will be working collaboratively with the technology team, comprised of full-stack engineers, analysts, user experience researchers, and support. We are very active on Slack and are focused not only on doing meaningful work, but also enjoying the process of working and building together.

This is a 100% remote position, so the successful candidate will be located where a solid internet connection is available, and perform duties in a functional work environment.

Ideal Candidate

  • Experience designing, using and optimizing columnar databases
  • Strong proficiency with SQL, FiveTran, dbt, Airflow, and Kafka
  • AWS experience
  • Github and collaborative code management experience
  • Proficiency with Python and other scripting and querying languages such as R
  • Self-starter who wants to build things
  • Demonstrated track record of building pipelines for Analytics needs
  • Be involved in all phases of a project (design, build, test, deploy, and maintain)
  • A personal connection to UpTogether’s mission

Qualifications, Attributes & Skills

  • Ability and willingness to learn new skills as needed
  • Ability to pivot quickly as needed
  • Demonstrated commitment to, or passion for, our mission; deep belief and trust in the innate capabilities of low-income families and communities; willingness to engage in conversations aimed at addressing erroneous stereotypes about low-income people and people of color
  • Be excited and energized by a dynamic work environment
  • Be keenly interested in learning from others
  • Have a functional work environment and solid internet connection
  • Demonstrated leadership through learning, creating solutions, and accountability


This is a full-time position with a competitive benefits package, including medical, dental, and vision, 401(k), and vacation. Salary is commensurate with experience, between $90,000–110,000 annually.

Inclusion Statement

We strive to create a community that embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion, and we support the efforts of others to build such communities. We encourage all qualified and interested persons to apply, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

To Apply

To be considered for this opportunity, please submit a resume and cover letter via this link: Apply Now. Your cover letter should outline how your personal and/or work history will contribute to the mission of UpTogether. e ask that you do not include a photo or image of yourself on your resume or cover letter. Applications submitted without a cover letter will not be considered.