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We are seeking an energetic, highly organized, and self-directed Associate to provide programmatic, administrative, and logistical support for Robert Reynolds and Ryan Cohen, the Executive and Deputy Executive Directors (respectively) of Vote Rev. Robert and Ryan have their hands in all aspects of the work to set our organization up for success to achieve our mission, from:

  • Overseeing the strategy of our work designing to voter engagement tactics and supporting campaigns to use them to win, to
  • Building and maintaining a diverse and motivated team, to
  • Ensuring that the way we work together and communicate runs smoothly, to
  • Fundraising and external relationship building.

They need a right hand who has strong attention to detail, learns quickly, gets things done, and absorbs information like a sponge.

The Associate will ensure that the executive team is organized, effective, and prepared in their roles. They will do that by supporting the executive team with a range of programmatic tasks and projects, including ensuring that they is prepared and briefed for key meetings, able to track progress against organizational objectives, and responsive to key stakeholders including donors, partners, and other collaborators. This is a unique opportunity to get firsthand insight into leadership of a social impact start-up and all the various pieces it takes to get it to run well.

About Vote Rev

Vote Rev designs and quickly mainstreams field-tested voter engagement innovations to help Democrats win. In 2020 we released polling place vote tripling (PPVT) and trained dozens of partners on it, including the Biden-Harris campaign. Our partners' 94,000 canvasser-hours of PPVT produced 1,100,000 friend-to-friend reminders to vote – 5x as many as the official Biden campaign app! PPVT was featured in The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and The New York Times.

In 2022 Vote Rev and our sister organization, Vote Rev Action Fund, provided training and materials to help partner organizations spark 450,000 relational get-out-the-vote reminders. Simultaneously, we used our ENGAGE design process to start developing the next generation of tactics. In the Georgia runoff, we ran a lightning-fast randomized trial of a new, more scalable version of PPVT with the potential to generate 10x as many votes.

In 2023 we’ll optimize our existing voter engagement tactics and design two new tactics ready for 2024. In 2024, we’ll boost tens of thousands of net votes by mainstreaming these tactics to Democratic campaigns and allied organizations!

Vote Rev is headquartered in the Culver City neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, with an additional office in downtown Brooklyn, New York City, and employees across the country.

We are dedicated to creating an organization that reflects the diversity of the country we serve. We strongly encourage women, people of color, and others who are underrepresented in campaigns and voter engagement nonprofits to apply.

Note: Due to the nature of our work we are unable to hire any individuals who aren’t U.S. Citizens, Legal Permanent Residents (Green Card holders), or DACA recipients.