We are looking to hire a Product Manager to work with our Civic Engagement Partnerships team as we refine and further scale our two vote tripling tactics to boost voter turnout in partnership with leading voter engagement groups. The Product Manager will play a critical role working with national, state, and local partners to optimize our existing products so that they produce more net votes by making those products (a) higher impact and (b) easier for our partners to implement at scale.

Our products are simple, elegant, and field-tested tactics that can be quickly mainstreamed. The two existing “products” in the Product Manager’s portfolio are the voter engagement tactics we designed based on behavioral science research and field-testing, and then scaled in 2020:
1. Vote tripling: asking voters to take a pledge that they will remind three friends to vote, then asking the voters to name the three friends they’ll remind; the voters receive a personalized reminder before Election Day.
a. Canvassing vote tripling: collect vote tripling pledges while going door-to-door or talking to many potential voters in high-traffic areas such as outside of a concert or supermarket
b. SMS vote tripling: collecting vote tripling pledges via texting, including by (1) reaching out to voters who have already voted early and asking them to remind three friends to vote (“Early voter SMS vote tripling”); (2) reaching out to voters who have not yet voted (“Classic SMS vote tripling”)
c. Other forms of vote tripling: collecting vote tripling pledges over the phone, or over social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
2. Polling place vote tripling: asking voters who have just cast a ballot to stop and immediately text 3 friends to remind them to vote before leaving the polling place

Examples of questions the Product Manager might tackle include:
1. How can we design canvassing vote tripling (e.g. scripts, implementation practices, etc.) to make it easy for canvassers to implement, collect the maximum pledges, and yield the greatest impact?
2. What design of SMS vote tripling (e.g. scripts, implementation practices, etc.) yields the greatest engagement (and impact) in bilingual and non-English speaking communities?
3. How can we optimize engagement (and impact) on digital platforms?

A successful candidate will be:
1. Excited about the opportunity to marry organizing with innovation
2. Driven to help organizations that serve historically disenfranchised communities succeed in their missions to engage with voters
3. Experienced in user research, applied behavioral science,  human-centered design or similar fields, running experiments (e.g., A/B testing, significant tests),  and product or service design and management

This role is full-time. We’re open to either a short-term or long-term contract.


As a Product Manager, you will play a crucial role in optimizing and improving our two existing tactics to foster their widespread adoption in the progressive ecosystem.  Your responsibilities with this work include (but are not limited to):

Creating a product roadmap for our existing tactics, with a priority on where we can add the most value (in terms of net votes generated) through refinements; build team-wide consensus around roadmap for product improvements

Developing feedback loops in our products, in collaboration with our execution partners, to constantly evaluate their effectiveness

Designing experiments to test the effectiveness of product refinements

Determining the right metrics to track and optimize – as well as ways to measure those metrics – to ensure we are solving real problems for our users

Conducting user interviews to ensure our products are meeting users’ needs

Developing systems to ensure our products are culturally competent and can be deployed effectively in all types of communities

Writing, editing, and publishing reports and write-ups about our work

Working with our civic engagement team (who work hand-in-hand with partners to ensure their success in implementation) to translate the results of our research into tangible & actionable next steps, including designing new tools and training materials for users

Working with our civic engagement team on partner implementations of new experiments



5-8+ years of experience in human centered design, user research, service design, product design, product management, design strategy or experience design

Experience managing complex projects and an ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

Proficiency with contemporary research, design and prototyping tools and methods

High empathy, allowing for an ability to understand the experience of a volunteer, canvasser, and voter

Commitment to working with and for teams of diverse individuals and to demonstrating those values through our work to reduce disparities in whose voice is heard in the electoral space. Demonstrated awareness of one’s own cultural identity and ability to build relationships and collaborate across lines of difference.

Ability to work collaboratively across a variety of teams and stakeholders

Commitment to the mission of the organization to design and quickly mainstream field-tested civic engagement innovations with and for nonprofits amplifying the power of historically disenfranchised communities.

A positive attitude – VoteTripling.org is a start up and we are looking for a candidate who is adaptable and interested in working in a dynamic, mission-driven  environment

Experience working for a political campaign or voter turnout organization

Experience building partnerships and fostering buy-in, for example, through prior roles in external relations, sales, strategic partnerships, or consulting

Experience with qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, including user testing, A/B testing, and experience with STATA, R or similar languages

About VoteTripling.org

We design and quickly mainstream field-tested civic engagement innovations with and for nonprofits amplifying the power of historically disenfranchised communities. We do this because we believe that nonprofits doing innovative civic engagement work will build a more equitable and just society.

Our organization was born in the wake of the 2016 election as a grassroots, volunteer-led initiative. Over the next four years we succeeded in developing and quickly mainstreaming a suite of elegant, user-friendly, and non-proprietary innovations that RCTs suggest yielded over 15,000 net votes in historically disenfranchised communities. Dozens of major partners used our innovations in 2020, including When We All Vote and Fair Count.  Our work has been featured in The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and The New York Times.