Contributing Factors to Diversity Issues in Healthcare Recruitment

The factors that contribute to many diversity issues are the lack of formalized diversity and inclusion plans. Diversity and inclusion verbiage can be found posted on the careers section of the organization’s website.

However, Still, there was no discussion, training and or messaging around this timely and important topic. For many employees, of healthcare institutions, there may be a lack of transparency. This could be very detrimental for an organization that has a role in serving diverse populations. “When healthcare organizations fail to incorporate cultural diversity into their organizational culture, the organization also fails to provide the patient with comprehensive quality, patient-centered care. While healthcare should not primarily be viewed as a business initiative, it can be helpful to think of it in such terms when weighing the importance of a diverse workforce.”(Scherman, 2017) Recruitment/Talent Acquisition leaders in the healthcare field have a social responsibility to their internal and external d stakeholders to source and retain talent that reflects the communities in which they serve. If we review human resources departments, we can see that “only 7% of senior HR jobs were held by a person who identified as non-white, compared with 18% at junior levels or in entry-level positions. This suggests a significant drop-off in the number of BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) people progressing into senior positions.”(Webber, 2019) It’s apparent that these numbers need to change.