Diversity “Walk it Like You Talk It”

I’ve had amazing career opportunities that have allowed me to work in various industries. These industries included the nonprofit and technology sectors. As a woman of color, my perspective of diversity and inclusion is quite different from my counterparts. According to the organization Advancing All Women, “women of color are having much different workplace experiences than their white peers and will remain underrepresented in management and executive roles if companies do not focus on barriers to their success.” (Network of Executive Women, n.d.)

To sum up my experiences, I lean on the words of American activist and Dr. Marian Wright Edelman, “you can’t be what you can’t see.” This important statement underscores why organizations require dedicated resources for diversity and inclusion initiatives. Diversity and inclusion at their core are about creating an environment in which marginalized groups have the opportunity to be who they are and have equal access to all opportunities.

As an employer, you should be sourcing, hiring, and supporting diversity within your organization. Now is the time to develop and execute a strategy that creates a diverse pipeline of candidates. Live up to the “diversity statements” that you post on your hiring/talent pages. Do the work like the infamous Migo’s song goes “Walk it, Like You Talk It”!

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